A little about us!

At the Professional Child Well-being Services Center (CSPE) , we work with children aged between 0 and 12 years old presenting adaptation challenges , their families as well as the environments in which they live (e.g. daycare , school, day camp ).

Our mission is to support, accompany and equip children , but also parents, educators, teachers, caregivers, TES, professionals and any other person who has the well-being of children at heart .

We have a magnificent psychoeducational toolbox to meet your needs as well as to help you support your child and/or the children you work with to continue to develop and flourish fully!!

We also offer assessment , consultation , role-advisory , training and much more services!

Psychoeducational tools

Discover our stimulating collection of psychoeducational tools specially designed for children! This series of innovative tools provides a playful and interactive approach to support the mental and emotional development of young minds.

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