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Truck - Letter to Santa

Truck - Letter to Santa

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🎄 Give Your Children Unforgettable Christmas Magic with Our Letter to Santa Claus including a psychoeducational touch! 🎅🏻

♥ Downloadable tool (no physical product will be delivered) ♥

🌟 Buy one get a second Letter to Santa template at 50% off

This year, take the magic of Christmas to the next level by giving your children a unique and enriching experience with our psychoeducational Letter to Santa! More than just a wish list, this special letter was designed to inspire self-confidence and cultivate a sense of gratitude in your little treasures.

Why is our Letter to Santa Claus exceptional?

  • Promote self-esteem: Our letter encourages children to express not only what they want to receive, but also what they are proud of. By recognizing their strengths, qualities and good skills, they naturally strengthen their self-confidence!
  • Promote Gratitude: Our letter to Santa invites children to think about one reason they consider themselves lucky. This helps them develop a feeling of gratitude for the little joys in life!


This kit includes:

A letter to send to Santa Claus promoting your child's self-esteem and feeling of recognition (boy and girl version included)

A sheet to make your wish list

A letter in response from Santa (Each of our kits includes a different and unique letter from Santa!)

Explanations and recommendations from psychoeducators

✨ And as a BONUS! A beautiful Christmas coloring!

Many skills will be developed in children thanks to this activity, such as :

♥ Self-esteem

♥ The feeling of recognition

♥ The emotional bond

♥ Self-knowledge

♥ Fine motor skills

This downloadable tool will be sent to you in PDF format and can be printed from the comfort of your home. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to write to us, we will be happy to help you!

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