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PHYSICAL VERSION - Love Notes 💖 (Includes free access to the digital version)

PHYSICAL VERSION - Love Notes 💖 (Includes free access to the digital version)

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♥ The tool will be shipped to you (no printing, cutting or assembling necessary!) and you will also get free access to the downloadable version instantly! In the downloadable version you will have the tool as well as explanations and recommendations from psychoeducators. ♥

♥ FREE delivery for this tool ♥

Immerse yourself in the comforting world of our "Love Notes" tool, awakening children's self-confidence while strengthening the emotional bond they share with the adults around them! With 24 carefully crafted coupons of sweet messages, this tool offers a unique experience and contributes in:

💖 Boosting the child's self-esteem

💖Strengthening the trust bond

💖 Enhancing the emotional connection

💖 Making the child aware of their qualities

💖 Teaching the child the importance of gestures that bring joy to others

You will also receive blank coupons, enabling you to create personalized messages for your kiddos!

Offer your child or the children you work with a touching emotional experience while teaching them the importance of gestures that bring happiness to others!

Our “Love Notes” will help you create warm memories that will last a lifetime! Sixteen this simple yet unique opportunity to build deep and lasting connections with the children you cherish the most!

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